Brexit? Opportunity! European Wisdom Network ( crowd creates United Europe by meshing personal/country sovereignty networks in 1-2 years

Crowd create a European Network Society in 3-5 years (Letter)

Wisdom Networks provide a radical jump in productivity and growth

Only the restructure of human time and attention with wisdom networks can provide a radical jump in productivity and growth. This addresses the long term decline in Euro area productivity and diminishing returns from investment in the status quo.
After 30 years of investment, the law of diminishing returns means productivity has collapsed and growth for any community will be below the last 100 years or approach zero. For example, it is impossible for GDP growth in the US to exceed 1.8% in the future. Society has been reduced to transferring wealth between communities, rather than creating wealth for all communities.

Only restructuring human time and attention can achieve a rapid jump in productivity and growth. The first generation has used the internet within society. The next generation will use the internet to reshape society. We can't wait for the next generation to reshape society.

A Wisdom Network is a web application that organises a communities in peer to peer structure over the internet and coordinates a six stage process to achieve wisdom. Wisdom Books allow an individual to share knowledge and organise wisdom about any "thing" in real-time. Network Society makes the individual the foundation of society in a web of interconnected transparent, merit-based digital communities. We can deliver a Wisdom Network in 5 days ... within 90-180 days you can empower your community with transparency, accessibility, meritocracy, productivity and growth. Society returns to creating wealth and prosperity.

Europe can not afford to wait another 13 years for the second generation to restructure the status quo?

All other policy options to create productivity and wealth have been exhausted. Perhaps, the only policy option left is to restructure human time and attention with a wisdom network. The first generation has applied the internet to speed up the status quo. Typically, the community would wait 30 years before a general purpose technology like the internet would be used by a second generation to apply the flexibility of the internet to reshape or restructure the status quo.

Europe can not afford to wait for the second generation to restructure the status quo. Europe needs to apply the flexibility of the internet today to usher in the Network Society and jump start productivity and growth. The first generation have exhausted all policy options and Europe has been reduced to wealth transfers, not wealth creation.

Crowd creating SME growth, countriy and EU growth with a Wisdom Network

European_Union_enlargement_animated_17_slides_integrationEquity Market 4.0 wisdom network could be the first European wide wisdom network to deliver a transparent and globally accessible European capital market. This could evolve into a National Wisdom Network (NWN) for a country and each NWN could be interoperable with other NWN's to create a European Network Society.

Society is "things", books", "communities" and "countries"

Facebook serves 500m plus users. It is conceivable that a single web application could coordinate all aspects of European society. A scalable multi-lingual and multi-community web platform is available that could perform this role. Software, now, defines communities. The NWM web platform would define Europe as a collection of "things" linked in "books" grouped in communities spanning across countries. "Books" are the means for one individual to communicate and collaborate with others about any "thing". The web platform brings the wisdom of the crowd to everyone and every "thing". The individual, their "things" and "books" are at the heart of the Network Society.

EU Single market objective

The EWN could help deliver the EU Single Market initiative in a digital (or wisdom) network. Additional information on the EU Single Market is available here. Michel Barnier is the EU Commissioner responsible for EU Internal Market and Services.

Networked Society - defined

"The network society is a social structure based on networks operated by information and communication technologies based on microelectronics and digital computer networks that generate, process and distribute information via the nodes of the networks. The network society can be defined as a social formation with an infrastructure of social and media networks enabling its prime mode of organization at all levels (individual, group, organizational and societal) ... the individual linked by networks is becoming the basic unit of the network society." - Wikipedia

The need: a common entry point and data repository using a standard taxonomy

By Date: 04 Jun 2013
The agenda for a workshop organised by the European Commission's DG CNECT, as part of their Startup Europe initiative, identified another specific problem.

  • "Participants will discuss and identify issues affecting the growth of web start-ups across Europe, the prospects for increasing pan–European access to crowdfunding for web-entrepreneurs and ways of fostering stronger and more competitive European crowdfunding brands. We believe in a dialogue between the crowdfunding industry and web start-ups in order to identify how needs and expectations can be addressed in the best possible manner. This should result in actionable results as much as in forward looking statements."
  • "To that extent, we would like to stimulate a common approach and a sense of common purpose among the European crowdfunding platforms and to discuss the benefits of and gather support for a common entry point and data repository using a standard taxonomy (i.e. online) for information on European crowdfunding platforms and industry trends."

A common platform to share information is required

Equity Market 4.0 provides a common platform and standard taxonomy for European Crowdfunding platforms and the European equity market. It also provides a foundation for a Network Society.

Let's start small with a specific problem and evolve from there

A National Wisdom Network (NWN) is a new concept. Even though it could be deployed in 180 days, society must evolve toward its possibilities. Let's start with the immediate need and perpetual problem of fueling the growth of European SME's. It could evolve into an NWN over time.

European initiatives to fuel the growth of SME's

I read with interest about the many initiatives to support and fuel growth of European SME's.

  • Euronext initiative to create a truly pan European market dedicated exclusively to SME’s with a central orderbook and transparent market model (see ). I understand that the Euronext project is intended to make an “active contribution to the range of measures for SME’s recently announced in France by the president, as well as to the various initiatives supporting SME’s prepared in Belgium, The Netherlands and Portugal”.
  • Startup Europe is a six-part plan aimed at connecting local ecosystems, growing startups to global level
  • Crowdfunding

Crowd funding needs the crowd accountability, crowd transparency and crowd governance enabled by Equity Market 4.0

  • Crowd funding delivers access to capital (or accessibility) to early stage companies, but also brings with it a level of transparency, accountability and governance that may be less than other types of funding. There will be an unacceptable proportion of companies that don’t meet the required standard. This means that crowd funding as an activity could be banned by the community and some governments are doing exactly that.
  • The proportion of crowd funded companies achieving the required governance standard needs to be lifted. An online problem needs an online solution. The problem is that crowd funding platforms have provided limited, or missing, functionality that could also alleviate this problem. Stock exchanges don’t provide the functionality either. The solution is to require crowd funded companies to achieve crowd governance, crowd transparency, and crowd accountability. An Equity Market 4.0 wisdom network provides the crowd with the opportunity to achieve these. The result is that the proportion of crowdfunded companies that achieve crowd governance, crowd transparency and crowd accountability achieves, or exceeds, the levels in the offline world.

The post Crowd funding needs the crowd accountability, crowd transparency and crowd governance enabled by Equity Market 4.0 may also be of interest.

Opportunity for a collaborative Macroexchange

Equity Market Wisdom is a wisdom network to organise community innovation, collaboration, wisdom and effort to achieve a global , transparent and accessible capital market. It would satisfy the need for a common entry point and repository. Equity Market 4.0 is not a stock exchange. A combination of stock exchange and Equity Market Wisdom would create a collaborative Macroexchange for Europe. A partnership with Euronext could add the stock exchange functionality.

Equity Market Wisdom functionality

Equity Market Wisdom functionality includes:

  • Social network functionality, but with an industrial focus
  • Directories (companies, advisers, investors)
  • tag based search
  • self published
  • Information distribution
  • publish hundreds of different types of information
  • Governance
  • BoardBook: virtual director meetings
  • Memberbook: shareholder meetings (event management and information distribution)
  • RegisterBook: online statutory record keeping
  • FormsBook: online form preparation, document execution
  • RegisterBook: virtual company and other statutory registers

Equity Market Wisdom is a single community of "things" and "books" that constitute the National Wisdom Network (NWN).

NWN becomes the heart of the Networked Society

The NWN unites people in the cloud and reinvents how they live and work within all the communities within which they participate. The NWN organises wisdom (knowledge and collaboration focused on outcomes) across individuals and organisations in the fields of health, education and equity markets; it can be used to achieve outcomes in governance, government and economic development.

NWN benefits to Europe

  • Equity Market 4.0 delivers the transparent, accessible capital market for SME’s
  • provides an online person to person structure for every community in every country and reduces the chaos by increasing the proportion of information which has a structure from between 1 and 35% to more than 80%.
  • transcends information point solutions, which do not solve the underlying problem, to a wisdom platform solution across multiple communities which addresses the underlying problems.
  • achieves 80% of the outcomes at less than 20% of the cost in less than six months (compared to conventional approaches), freeing up capital and expertise to focus on creating value and outcomes.
  • One NWN wisdom platform today will displace thousands of commercial and philanthropic investments in point solutions across countries and communities over the next decade.
  • expanding the potential crowd to 2 billion people on the internet that can contribute to the education, health, equity market and governance within a country in real-time

Equity Market Wisdom and/or the NWN is available now as a “Turnkey” platform

We have spent 5 years building the National Wisdom Network. NWN currently operates on the Amazon Cloud which provides global scalability. Equity Market 4.0 can be customised and launched within 90 days. A full National Wisdom Network may take 180 days (depending on requirements). It is currently in English, but can be multilingual.

How is this possible?

Society has crowdcreated connectivity (internet), information (world wide web) and software (open source software communities). The NWN builds on the shoulders of these giants and crowdcreates wisdom (knowledge and action) in a peer to peer platform. The open source software community underlying the NWN open source platform exceeds 100,000 people (mostly Europe).

NWN moves beyond the Information Age and organises the wisdom of crowds to transform health, equity market, education, democracy and other fields of human endeavour. Many current problems don’t need to be solved, because they can be eliminated by solving the underlying problem.

The underlying problem is that information is isolated, communities are opaque and deriving profit from information discourages the inevitable and necessary shift to transparency, access and a prevailing meritocracy which is the environment in which wisdom can be achieved.

Wisdom Networks deliver transparency, global access and meritocracy across every community in a person to person network. Equity Market 4.0 delivers transparency and global access in equity markets.

NWN reduces complex communities to 6 types of "Things" and a few simple interactions in a peer to peer network. The few simple interactions are create, link, share, tag and collaborate. This means one cloud service can bring significant change to all communities or industries at the same time. A “Book” shows how “Things” are linked. Each community is just a combination on “things” and “books”, but rely on the same simple interactions. It is this innovation that means all industries can be disrupted concurrently.

Wisdom Networks creates a global, transparent, accessible capital market by sharing "things" and "books" between countries.

Leveraging the largest European open software community to create a better Europe in two years

The NWN is based on the world’s largest and, arguably, best content management system (CMS) for the enterprise which has a community of more than 100,000 people (mostly in Western Europe). If Equity Market 4.0 was chosen as a platform then it would serve other National Wisdom Networks in Europe. It would be consistent with other initiatives in Europe announced by various countries that seek to create a Networked Society. The NWN is a common platform, common taxonomy for a European Wisdom Network to crowd create a European Networked Society.

Europe "The Game": a gamified EWN to achieve the Network Society

This section was inspired by TED comments on Do you want a unified Europe? and Imagine a European Democracy without borders.

The comments describe frustration with two phenomena we witness in our society today. Firstly, government use yesterday's solutions to tomorrows problems. Secondly, there is a 30 year delay before the internet is used to its full potential to reshape society. We literally need to wait 30 years for a generation to die out before opportunities to improve society are fully exploited.

Government has a monopoly on power. It also has legislative power to make immediate change in society. Unfortunately, the hierarchy becomes more inefficient and ineffective the larger it gets. Government is further compromised by additional political considerations.

Europe can not afford to wait another 15 years for the second internet generation to be given positions of influence. From an economics perspective, productivity is negative, growth is inadequate and debt is approaching unserviceable levels. From a social perspective, citizens of the EU resent others for a variety of reasons.

Europe CAN launch an EWN within 6 months. We could call it "Europe The Game". Wisdom Networks have gamification or points built in. People earn points for the quality and quantity of their contribution. The effort and Wisdom of Crowds is bought to every 'thing' in Europe. It is a contribution that a government irrespective of size or budget could never match. This TED talk describes how an EWN would work in democracy.

Europe NEEDS to accelerate the evolution toward the wisdom of crowds given economic and social challenges. Without a proactive approach Europe may descend into crisis, lower standards of living,and social decay. The future of 300m people depends upon politicians just learning to use a PC while most of their citizens spend 6-8 hours a day playing games or on social networks. Europe needs to harness this time and effort to unify Europe. The vision for a United Europe can be achieved with a gamified EWN in a short period for negligible money.

Next steps

  • Presentation: “Fueling the growth of SME's with a Wisdom Network”.
  • Presentation: “Equity Market Wisdom is a wisdom network to organise community innovation, collaboration, wisdom and effort to achieve a global , transparent and accessible capital market.
  • Empower your people with our resources
  • Stage 1: NWN Startup (Strategy, assemble team): Business plans, financial models, project plans
  • Stage 2: Establish Centre of Excellence (Wisdom Networks). Your people will be empowered to create and maintain wisdom networks and leverage the collective innovation of open source software communities. The NWN is based on the world’s largest and, arguably, best content management system (CMS) for the enterprise which has a community of more than 100,000 people (mostly in Western Europe).
  • Stage 3: Customise Equity Market 4.0 and deliver within 90 days
  • Stage 4: Launch
  • Stage 5: Manage Growth
  • Stage 6: Achieve European dynamic financing and governance of European SME’s and lay the foundation for a Networked Society