Brexit? Opportunity! European Wisdom Network ( crowd creates United Europe by meshing personal/country sovereignty networks in 1-2 years

Accelerating Economic Development (Letter)

Wisdom Networks provide a radical jump in productivity and growth

Only the restructure of human time and attention with wisdom networks can provide a radical jump in productivity and growth. This addresses the long term decline in productivity and diminishing returns from investment in the status quo.
After 30 years of investment, the law of diminishing returns means productivity has collapsed and growth for any community will be below the last 100 years or approach zero. For example, it is impossible for GDP growth in the US to exceed 1.8% in the future. Society has been reduced to transferring wealth between communities, rather than creating wealth for all communities.

Only restructuring human time and attention can achieve a rapid jump in productivity and growth. The first generation has used the internet within society. The next generation will use the internet to reshape society. We can't wait for the next generation to reshape society.

A Wisdom Network is a web application that organises a communities in peer to peer structure over the internet and coordinates a six stage process to achieve wisdom. Wisdom Books allow an individual to share knowledge and organise wisdom about any "thing" in real-time. Network Society makes the individual the foundation of society in a web of interconnected transparent, merit-based digital communities. We can deliver a Wisdom Network in 5 days ... within 90-180 days you can empower your community with transparency, accessibility, meritocracy, productivity and growth. Society returns to creating wealth and prosperity.

National Wisdom Network (NWN) becomes the heart of the Networked Society

The NWN delivers a "short fuse, big bang" (high impact within 2 years) across all industries and communities and achieve "technological singularity" for a societies with one cloud based application.

The NWN unites people in the cloud and reinvents how they live and work within all the communities within which they participate. The NWN organises wisdom (knowledge and collaboration focused on outcomes) across individuals and organisations in the fields of health, education and equity markets; it can be used to achieve outcomes in governance, government and economic development.

NWN benefits to countries

  • Human time and attention are the most productive elements in today's economy: Only a change in systems will result in productivity and growth improvements.
  • Network Society could deliver the next radical jump in productivity and growth by focusing human time and attention on outcomes. Wisdom Networks places transparency, productivity, growth, efficiency and transparency at the fingertips of every individual in every community.
  • Information technology and hierarchical structures suffer diminishing returns. Debt has been used to maintain standards of living while productivity has been stagnant. The problem of stagnating productivity is unresolved.
  • Wisdom Books provide a comprehensive and efficient person to person communication which displaces many fragmented and opaque information technologies
  • transcends information point solutions, which do not solve the underlying problem, to a wisdom platform solution across multiple communities which addresses the underlying problems.
  • provides an online person to person structure for every community in every country and reduces the chaos by increasing the proportion of information which has a structure from between 1 and 35% to more than 80%.
  • Patient focused Healthcare: focus collective wisdom of care providers on patients in real-time.
  • Better Management: a more efficient peer to peer management structure for the organisation
  • Transparent and accessible equity market fuels the growth of SME's and supports entrepreneurs: The NWN crowd creates a global, transparent and accessible equity market which focus wisdom on capital allocation, governance and innovation.
  • Tailored, real-time collective education for each and every student: students receive real-time attention of the crowd
  • Real-time governance: virtual director meetings and virtual shareholder meetings increase the focus on outcomes, rather than process.
  • Better Government: The NWN achieves society outcomes faster, better at less than 20% of the cost
  • Real-time Democracy: offers the possibility of real-time citizen participation in government
  • achieves 80% of the outcomes at less than 20% of the cost in less than six months (compared to conventional approaches)
  • One NWN wisdom platform today will displace thousands of commercial and philanthropic investments in point solutions across countries and communities over the next decade.
  • expanding the potential crowd to 2 billion people on the internet that can contribute to the education, health, equity market and governance within a country in real-time

NWN changes the world

The impact on developed countries is significant. An NWN would disrupt industry much faster and deeper than forecast by the recent Deloitte report.

The impact on developing countries is profound. Developing countries can bypass multi-year investments in proprietary enterprise information technology and adopt open community wisdom networks in months. The availability of mobile networks and mobile devices becomes the means to coordinate all aspects of society through the NWN and mobile devices. People within each country can also be trained to customize their own NWN with online video training.

The NWN delivers a society that is transparent, accessible and based upon meritocracy.

A "Turnkey" NWN is available

We have spent 5 years building the NWN Wisdom Network platform. NWN currently operates on the Amazon Cloud which provides global scalability. It can be customised and launched within 90 - 180 days (depending on requirements). It is currently in English, but can be multilingual which may mean it is suitable for many countries.