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Singularity productivity (3:26 video)

From Information Society to Network Society

In the Information Age, our technology allows point to point communication. Reach increased from near to far. Speed increased to instant. Our society developed tools based on point to point communication that included hierarchies, centralised knowledge and decision making. The internet has sped up the status quo with neglible productivity benefit. These tools don’t scale and are failing to deliver global prosperity, productivity or equality.

History reveals that the first generation uses a new technology within the status quo. When electricity was introduced, managers replaced steam motors on the factory floor with electric motors. There was a one off productivity jump and productivity remained flat for 30 years. After waiting 30 years later, the second generation came into positions of influence and reshaped the factory floor using the flexibility of the new technology delivering further productivity. All innovation follows the same path.

Trapped in transition

We are in a 'trapped transition' between two economic development stages - the Information Age ends with Centralised stagnation. The next stage 'Wisdom Networks' crowd creates distributed prosperity. We may be trapped in transition for another 15 years.

The internet was introduced 15 years ago. We have not had a revolution in productivity. The internet has been used to speed up the point to point structure of the status quo. We would typically wait another 15 years before the second generation uses the internet to reshape the status quo with the flexibility of the peer to peer structure of the internet. The Information Age has ended in "centralised stagnation" (negative productivity, low growth, rising, unemployment, debt to sustain standards of living). We are in a "trapped transition" between "centralised stagnation and "distributed prosperity".

The community has been building the foundation for Network Society for decades

The community (or crowd) has been building the foundation for distributed prosperity for decades - the first three elements data (internet completed in 30 years), information (world wide web in 15 years), community (social networks in 10 years) ... the next three elements to be distributed are collaboration, knowledge and wisdom will be achieved in less than 5 years with wisdom networks."]Simply, a shift to peer to peer collaborative structures delivers singularity, productivity, growth and efficiency and effectiveness. A Society structured on point to point communication is labor intensive, centralised , inefficient, ineffective, slow to respond and spawns process driven hierarchies. A community structured in peer to peer collaboration is highly productive, efficient, effective and real-time with interconnected networks focused on outcomes.

Wisdom Networks are an elective singularity

Wisdom Networks are an elective singularity and reshape the status quo using the peer to peer structure of the internet and achieving a rapid jump in productivity, potential output (18.2% to 55%), productive work time (28% to 50-75%) and usher in the new era of prosperity. This would be the overdue third revolution in economic development."]Wisdom Networks enable the next stage, "distributed prosperity", by lifting productive work time from 28% to 50-75% within organisations, industry and society. The outcome is rising productivity, collective intelligence, growth, prosperity, Network Society and a Sustainable Society. Potential community output has a revolutionary jump from 18% to 55%.

Wisdom Networks can be launched in 90-180 days and transform a community in 2-5 years

We create and turnkey Wisdom Networks in 90 days that achieve distributed prosperity for organisations, industry and society within 2-5 years"]We create Wisdom Networks for corporations, government or the community to achieve "distributed prosperity", a rapid jump in productivity, growth, collective intelligence and focus the wisdom and effort of crowds.