NOTE: Our MIX M-Prize entry provides a comprehensive introduction - Global Wisdom! Global outcomes! Global governance! (Unlimited Human Potential Challenge)
Wisdom Networks could lift global human potential from 2.5% (Industrial Economy) to 23.5% (Network Society) and eventually 57.5%[more]
100 times more addressable data means 10,000 times more patterns (or knowledge) and “a profound change in the economics of the world we live in“. Welcome to a Network Society in which Wisdom Networks empower everyone by connecting them, their devices and “Internet of Everything” (IoE) things to reveal knowledge and focus the inherent wisdom in the community on outcomes in commerce, health, and economic development. Only crowds can turn (open) data into (collective) wisdom into (community, country, regional or global) prosperity.
The next stage involves people exchanging and transacting person to person rather than mediated through institutions. It has happened to retail and social networks. It will happen to financial markets, health, education and other aspects of society. We turnkey the networks for person to person exchanges of value.

The “Productive Knowledge” of society creates prosperity. Organising it physically costs trillions, takes decades and now suffers diminishing returns. Organising it virtually costs millions, takes months and provides a jump in productivity and the opportunity to achieve outcomes not previously considered possible.

Wisdom networks put the community back into society


One Wisdom Network … prosperity for one, many or all communities

Wisdom Networks bring all 6 elements of wisdom to every person and “thing” in society. The Information Age only moved information things among centralised structures.

By introducing a standard way for people to exchange wisdom, Wisdom Networks can create and share Productive Knowledge across organisation, industry, country and globally.

Network Society is a pyramid of linked Wisdom Networks
Each network seamlessly integrates with others and links people, their devices and things in the Internet of Everything (IoE)

Productive knowledge tree map
Unproductive Information
Information everywhere, no meaning
Information is fragmented across systems and locations creating unnecessary complexity and confusion within every community. Existing structures are unable to reflect relationships, process or to reveal the knowledge inherent in the information.
Wisdom Networks
customise and launch in 90-180 days
Wisdom Networks create “Productive Knowledge” through communities linking “things” virtually to create structure, reveal latent knowledge and focus wisdom. The result is community outcomes not previously possible.
Distributed Power and Prosperity
achieved in 24-48 months
The future of sustainable prosperity is to simplify human interaction and sharing across communities. This will use technology, people and their devices to organise “Productive Knowledge” within communities online, in real-time and across borders of geography and circumstance.
20 minute video introduction

Network Society
An elective singularity!
(8:27 video)
Network Society (8:27 video)

Network Society (8:27 video)

The Shift / Singularity
It’s just evolution!
(4:26 video)
The Shift (4:26 video)

The Shift (4:26 video)

50%+ productivity jump
person to person telewisdom
(3:26 video)
Jump in productivity (3:26 video)

Jump in productivity (3:26 video)

Global Wisdom in 3!
3 steps, 3 years, 3 minutes
(3:01 video)
Global Wisdom (3:01 video)

Global Wisdom (3:01 video)

60 minutes reading
turning (open) data into (collective) wisdom into (distributed) prosperity

Launch one community in 90-180 days …

grow to Network Society prosperity in 12-36 months

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